Selling vacant land takes more than
"List it and Forget it"

  These charts show the improvement of the Northwoods market since 2014.  With 2017 in blue, you see that we are growing in both sales total and sales price.  Even with the winter dip every year, those months are improving as well. 
                                        Good time to sell!

Data courtasy of:
   Preparing to sell is more than posting a sign!​​

    The article below provides excellent details on what it takes to properly prepare your land for marketing, what to consider when pricing, as well as financing possibilities (a way to make a little extra $$).

  Check it out:

Steps to take to Sell Your Land! (click here)

Learn more about your realtor:

Data is King!  It is how we prepare, how we price, and how we sell.  Below are vacant land sales (On and Off Water) for 2015 and 2016.  [2017 coming soon]

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​  How do buyers prepare?
  What do they consider important in vacant land?

  What will they require in a sale? 

  Who are my target buyers?


​     How can I view this property through the eyes of a buyer?  One resource I have found vital in vacant land marketing/sales is linked below:

    Simply phenomenal:

Do's and Dont's of Buying Vacant Land

                 Finally, how do I market? 
   This is one of the most crucial parts of selling your property.  This information will give you an idea of my marketing plan.  

  What's next? 
It starts with a discussion of your property
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